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I studied media and theatre, then jumped straight into presenting radio shows, and producing and voicing promos and imaging for UK stations Kiss and Heart.

I've commentated and hosted live TV shows, and dabbled with running a nightclub for a few years - becoming adept at menu / interior design and sweeping up broken glass.

Now, I focus on voiceover - announcing, narrating and voicing for broadcasters, commercial agencies and corporate content, from my home studio and from central London too.


I live in Clapham, with Sarah, Celeste and Fudgecat.

David Wartnaby on microhone, recording in Kampala
David's throat being lubricated by strays

Many folk ask, what kind of warm-up or preparation do you do? 


Many voice artists avoid milk, drink lemon water and practice a warm-up routine before each job. 

I have a team of strays that drop by every couple of days. They lick my neck for a couple of minutes then sidle off.


Seems to do the trick.

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