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Documentary, explainer, corporate, medical and e-learning narration.
Live announcing, audio branding and trailers. 

Realistic rates for start ups, online and local business content. Pricing always factors audience size.

As continuity announcer on Channel 5, I have to point viewers around the schedule and introduce the programmes. Personal opionions should be few and far between, but when mention of Nigel Farage is imminent on the News, it's tough not to make a sophisticated political point. As demonstrated here.

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Rejoice! This be a mildly momentous moment. After months of 'getting round to' refreshing my broken website, an afternoon on has produced this corporate looking yet practical blog style replacement.


Thanks to the folk at Radio Expert's, I got the gig as voice of Car Giant's Chritsmas '13 campaign. I auditioned for the TV version too, but thankfully I didn't get it, otherwise that would've been me purse lipped on the side of the H91 to Heathrow.




A bank of short demos listed by genre, to help you select the right style and energy for your project



Here's a few of the clients I have voiced for in the past.


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Based in London, UK, David is a British voice talent, with a neutral English accent. Specialising in VO for documentaries, explainer videos, e-learning content, promos and audio / radio imaging. David is versatile - with styles varying from delicate, easy on the ear narration to cut-through or bombastic trailers. Authentic, vibrant, engaged, and if required too. All projects appropriately priced, for the size of audience. TV, radio, online, streaming, commercial and corporate. 


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If you've got a story to tell, a message to convey, or just wanna free your inner talk radio host, record a podcast at Battersea Podcasts. More info here.

Contemporary, dynamic, on-trend, friendly, authentic UK Male Voiceover. A voice artist with a 10 years experience of TV, Radio and Online voice work. From clear cut-through and cool, to delicate considered and heartwarming David's voice is heard worldwide on commercials, trailers, promos, documentaries, IVR and audio branding. Based in London, with access to Soho in half an hour.